Arborists` Knots for Climbing & Rigging

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ArborMaster® trainers and International Tree Climbing Champions Ken Palmer, Rip Tompkins, and Sean Gere explain and demonstrate the knots commonly used in climbing and rigging. The DVD includes an organized menu with a list of the specific knots discussed for direct access and extra practice. The accompanying, illustrated workbook is part of the package.

Excellent resource for ISA Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist® and Aerial Lift Specialist candidates.

Two CEUs*(A,U,T,M,L,Bp) may be earned by completing the workbook answer sheets, returning them to ISA for grading, and receiving a score of 80% or greater. (DVD: ©2006, 78 minutes; Workbook: ©2006, softcover, spiralbound, 28 pp.)

Note: The knots demonstrated in the rigging section of this DVD are also included as part of The Art and Science of Practical Rigging DVD training series.

Knots included in the workbook:

Anchor Hitch Blake’s Hitch Bowline
Buntline Hitch Butterfly Knot Clove Hitch
Cow Hitch Distel Klemheist
Marline Hitch Michoacán Prusik Hitch
Running Bowline Schwabisch Sheet Bend
Tautline Hitch Timber Hitch Triple Fisherman’s Knot
Valdôtain Tresse (VT) Zeppelin Bend

*These CEUs may be earned only once during the life of your certification.


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