Urban Tree Health - A Practical.

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Tree health is a priority for arborists, tree managers, and homeowners alike. Yet a standard method of estimating and reporting it is lacking. This book addresses that problem by laying out a robust method for everyday field work, making extensive use of published research. The text is accompanied by photographs that illustrate and clarify the points being made, and make the method easy to understand and apply. A volume in the Visual Identification Series, this book includes a free data-collection application for use on Android devices (including Kindle) at www.urbanforestanalytics.com .

(©2012, softcover, spiralbound, 107 pp., appendices)

Here's what people are saying about Urban Tree Health:

Arborist News
“systematically organized with text on the left page and captioned images on the facing page to lead the reader quickly through concepts and into use in the field”
“there is a clear and easily integrated final determination that can be inserted into appraisal and risk assessment methods”
“the book is incredibly functional and easily used by the practicing professional”

TCI Magazine
“very manageable and simple to understand”
“color photos and step-by-step examples provide the tree assessor with all the tools needed”
“this is a useful tool and I highly recommend it to arborists and researchers”
“a welcome addition for anyone performing PHC assessments, consulting and tree inventories”

City Trees
“technical, but made surprisingly accessible by the logical way it is presented and the excellent photographs and captions”
“this is a useful tool and highly recommended to arborists and researchers”


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